Finally – A product that can prevent calcium buildup on your pool and water features!

TiO2 Cleans For You is a revolutionary product that has the ability to change the way you clean your home, automobiles, business, and even the air you breath. TiO2 can be directly sprayed, wiped or painted onto most surfaces, and is safe for use around children and pets. We are confident we can help you with your cleaning needs, and are eager to show you how our products can save you time and money.

Nano Sealer will protect water features, office buildings, pools and also most anything that needs to be sealed from hard water elements. The ultrasmooth surface makes it impossible for hard water minerals to stick to any surface.

Finally – a way to restore and preserve the appearance of your water feature for more than a few weeks. Our semipermanent coating will provide protection from water spotting and air pollution discoloration on stone and tile.