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We are an international distributor for Natural Earth Elements, the manufacturer’s representative for a major innovator in the field of oxide nanotechnology. Our suppliers have made using this incredible material practical. Using nanotechnology and advanced binders the material provides catalytic oxidation under normal fluorescent lights, as well as direct and indirect sunlight. The binders allow us to coat indoor and outdoor surfaces with excellent adhesion, wear resistance and no discolouration.

Testing shows an immediate improvement in the appearance of water features and the ability to prevent mineral buildup on all types of surfaces. The coating remains effective for a year or more without recoating.

Our products may be safely used on any type of surface, indoor and outdoor.

TiO2 is Food and Drug Administration approved as harmless to humans, and is used in many everyday products. Our product is used extensively in Japan and will be used here more as awareness of its beneficial properties grows. Material Safety Data Sheets available.

Here is what other are saying about TIO2 products:

Tio2 have one of the best eco-friendly products that we have tested. Highly recommended” Seb Brown, Owner, TotalClean Solutions 

“We are now exclusevly using just TIO2 products to clean people house. Best natural cleaner there is.” Octavia, Cleaners Bournemouth, Office Manager

“The only cleaning products that we use these days.” Sandra – Star Shiners Cleaning Guildford


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